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Family Engagement Team Lead

Can be completed remotely


About the Role

In this role you will be help advance the mission of Meagan’s Hug through the active engagement of families affected by paediatric brain tumours in raising awareness and funds required for research.

- Representing the Family viewpoint within the MBF Management Team
- Leading the Family Council (a forum that shares updates with the families and provides an opportunity for them to share their ideas with MBF)
- Organizing and facilitating a quarterly session with the family council members (all families are invited to participate)
- Working in partnership with the Director of Operations to develop the agenda and all supporting materials required
- Identifying MBF Management team members to invite to the meeting as required to support the agenda
- Providing leadership, direction, guidance and support to the Family Engagement Team members
- Hosting regular meetings with the Family Engagement team members to facilitate information sharing, issue resolution, action planning, and the exchange of new ideas
- Participating in Communication Team meetings to share the Family viewpoint
- Attending and actively participating in Management Team meetings and other meeting forums as required

The Family Engagement Team is responsible to ensure that the families affected by paediatric brain tumours within our Meagan Bebenek Foundation community are represented in all we do.

Team Objective:
- Engage families and increase awareness of Meagan’s Hug including accomplishments to-date, strategic plan, fundraising needs and opportunities
- Provide opportunities for families to share their ideas, feedback, recommendations and advice to the organization
- Provide opportunities for family members and children affected by paediatric brain tumours to tell their stories to increase awareness of the needs and opportunities for research and treatment development


  • Have strong written and verbal communication skills

  • Love to interact with people and build relationships

  • Have lived experience with a paediatric brain tumour patient

  • Be highly organized with the ability to meet deadlines

  • Demonstrate strong leadership skills

  • Love to work collaboratively to achieve a common goal

  • Be comfortable using technology including email, social media platforms and Microsoft Office applications

Interested candidates should send their resume to

About the Company

Since 2001 Meagan Bebenek Foundation (previously Meagan’s HUG) has raised over $6 million for ground-breaking research and is having global impact on the care of and outcomes for young brain tumour patients and families around the world. Meagan Bebenek Foundation is a registered Canadian charity focused on creating a world where no children suffer from brain tumours.

Volunteers are critical to the success of MBF. When you volunteer with MBF you join an enthusiastic team dedicated to making a meaningful difference to the lives of children and families affected by paediatric brain tumours. You have an opportunity to give back to the community, share and develop your talents, learn new skills and meet new people in a supportive, inclusive and welcoming environment.

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