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Hands Up


MBF is fully committed to improving outcomes for children and families affected by brain tumours on a year-round basis. Since our inception, we have continuously offered new programs to reflect this. Through our unwavering dedication, we have developed a range of initiatives designed to provide comprehensive support to these families.


Our programs fall within three pillars that build on our guiding values as an organization.  

Science Lab


Over the last 20+ years, research into paediatric brain tumours has allowed us to better understand and create pathways for new groundbreaking treatments that help improve the outcomes for patients.

All Hands In


Our organization started as a result of a community coming together. As our community continues to grow, we are constantly reminded of the importance in coming together to support one another.

kids with backpacks

Kids Helping Kids

Little hands but big hearts, kids can make a huge impact in the lives of their friends and sibling's. By uniting kids and giving them an opportunity to experience the power of hope and community, they can understand the impact they can have for others.

Neuro-Oncology Fellowship

Each year, a clinical researcher in neuro-oncology is invited to join the Brain Tumour Research Centre team for a yearlong Fellowship in paediatric brain tumour research. MBF annually selects a distinguished doctor from around the world to join us in Toronto. This opportunity allows the chosen fellow to work closely with and learn from the foremost experts at SickKids and the Brain Tumour Research Centre.

Family Walking

Family Support Programs

Our first initiative under the Family Support branch was our Hope for Ukraine campaign, in which we provided on the ground support to children and their families whose cancer treatment had been interrupted by displacement, proving accommodations, food and other necessities. Part of our growth includes expansion of this program and embracing more families in our Circle of Hope. 

School Programs

With the theme “Kids helping Kids,” our school programs aims to foster hope, understanding, gratitude, and support and empower young people to make a difference. By providing unique leadership opportunities and enriching education content, our school programs encourages students to share their skills and talents and reach their full potential in the classroom and beyond.

Adult Students
Doctor with Computer

Research Program

Meagan Bebenek Foundation is recognized for its significant and ongoing support of the Brain Tumour Research Centre, which stands as the only facility in Canada with a program dedicated to paediatric brain tumour research. We've raised over $6 million for research since 2001.

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