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Meagan's HUG - Signature Event


May 11

The HUG is where Meagan Bebenek Foundation first began. In 2002, 800+ participants joined the first human hospital HUG around the Hospital for Sick Children. Since then, our HUG has grown to thousands of participants who walk the 5k from Fort York to SickKids every Mother's Day weekend, alongside the support of over 200 volunteers, every year.

The HUG, MBF’s signature event, represents the pillars of community, hope, and awareness that our organization has been built upon. 100% of the proceeds from the HUG go towards paediatric brain tumour research.  

The impact of the HUG


Tyson, Myah's Sibling

"I know I will always attend Meagan’s Hug. It is one family tradition we do not skip. It means so much to me and my family. We are surrounded by families who have been on a journey so similar to ours. So many families who have lost a child and so many families who are fighting along with their child.  

Meagan’s Hug allows me to remember Myah and know that I am not alone. It allows me to carry on her legacy of kindness and love."

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