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Our Team

Our dedicated team of staff and volunteers are integral to ensuring that we continue to raise awareness, funds, and share our message of hope with people around the world. They bring passion to everything they do.

Board of Directors

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Founder & President

Denise Bebenek

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Director - Communications

Alicia Markson

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Director - Business Development

Michael Smith

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Director - School Program

Lynda DiProspero

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Chair of Board

James Wilson

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Director - Strategic Planning

Louie DiPalma

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Director - Operations

Matthew Bebenek

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Director - Legal & Privacy

Deborah Morshead

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Our Staff

Our Volunteer Leads

Community matters. Community provides strength and support through troubling times. Meagan Bebenek Foundation is a strong and loyal, volunteer-driven community. Our volunteers play a critical role in the success of Meagan Bebenek Foundation. Our team is enthusiastic and dedicated to making a meaningful difference to the lives of children and families affected by paediatric brain tumours. We have several lead volunteers who help within key areas of Meagan Bebenek Foundation’s organization.

Interested in joining our team?
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