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Neuro-Oncology Fellowship

The Meagan Bebenek Neuro-oncology Fellowship invites doctors worldwide to collaborate and gain valuable insights from leading experts at SickKids and the Brain Tumour Research Centre in Toronto. 

Each year, we extend an invitation to a clinical researcher specializing in neuro-oncology to join the esteemed team at the Brain Tumour Research Centre. Funded by MBF, this Fellowship plays a crucial role in advancing research efforts and promoting collaboration with esteemed international research institutions. 


With the discovery of an increasing number of subtypes of rare brain tumours, the Fellowship program actively contributes to our understanding of these complex conditions. Through international partnerships forged during the program, researchers gain valuable insights, enabling them to make significant strides in the development of targeted treatments and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

MBF Neuo-oncology Fellowship Map
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Global Impact

Meagan Bebenek Foundation has always embraced a global vision: to extend the Circle of Hope to children all around the world. The Fellowship program exemplifies our commitment to this vision, as it encourages collaboration at its core. By bringing their unique expertise to Toronto, these fellows leave a significant impact on our local medical community. Equally important is the knowledge they take back to their home countries, contributing to the advancement of medical practices on a global scale. This initiative plays a crucial role in fostering a tightly-knit medical network, uniting the world's foremost experts on paediatric brain tumours. 

Our Fellows


Dr. Akanksha Senapati


Akanksha Senapati- portrait shot (1).jpeg

Dr. Senapati undertook research examining the outcomes and determinants of survival in infants with metastatic medulloblastoma.


Dr. Mari Wilhelmsson



Dr. Wilhelmsson pursued a specialized focus on providing care for children with brain tumours, while also planning for their long-term well-being and follow-up.


Dr. Inci Bajin



Dr. Bajin was involved in the diagnosis and treatment of all paediatric brain tumor patients. Driven by the goal of mastering the latest research practices in diagnostic tools and treatment strategies, Dr. Bajin sought to offer her patients the best possible treatment options available.


Dr. Anirban Das



Dr. Das focused his research on an increasingly recognized cancer predisposition syndrome for children with brain tumours, known as the Constitutional Mismatch Repair Deficiency Syndrome (CMMRD), where tumours do not get cured by traditional chemo and radiotherapy approaches. 


Dr. Lorena Baroni



Dedicated to understanding malignant brain tumours in the central nervous system, Dr. Baroni focuses her research on clinical management and treatment of high-risk patients and clinical-biological correlations. 


Dr. Liana Nobre



Studying the molecular characterization of low-grade gliomas, Dr. Nobre explored the feasibility of liquid biopsy to better determine response to new targeted therapies.


Dr. Christine Dahl



Dr. Dahl investigated the cognitive outcome of children treated for medulloblastoma in relation to hearing impairment.


Dr. Michal Zapotocky

Czech Republic


Dr. Zapotocky evaluated incidents of mutations in low-grade gliomas with clinical outcomes to identify patients suitable for novel targeted therapies.


Dr. Alvaro Lassaletta



Dr. Lassaletta evaluated the efficacy and feasibility of reirradiation (radiating again at relapse) in patients with DIPG, an incurable tumour. 

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