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Stories of Hope

Meagan Bebenek Foundation was built on the foundation of hope.

When our founder, Denise, first envisioned MBF, it was this sense of hope that drove her to realize her vision of the first human hug around a hospital. MBF's growth has been driven by the unwavering belief that even amidst the darkest times, hope could be kindled. An incredible community has rallied around us, offering steadfast support as we continue to raise awareness, extend support, and further research to advocate for those impacted by paediatric brain tumours. The power of hope continues to be our guiding light in this mission, propelling the foundation to where it stands today.  



Meet our heroes.

Our heroes inspire us with their stories and remind us exactly what we are fighting for and why. 



Uniting people and communities, Denise continues to share her message of hope through her public speaking endeavours.

Image by Brands&People

Awards of

Meagan Bebenek Foundation Awards of Excellence recognize those leaving their mark in the world of paediatric brain tumours.

Pink Powder

Hope is at the heart of everything this organization does. It is a community that believes that what we do can make a difference. That we can make things better: the future can be influenced by the actions we take today. That is hope.

Denise Bebenek


mother of MBF Hero Milo

"One of the reasons my son is doing so well is because of Meagan Bebenek Foundation. Receiving the best care in the world comes from the best research, and a lot of that is due to the fundraising done by MBF."


MBF Hero

"MBF is a symbol for us all and has a message for us all too. Meagan’s HUG is like family. I watch my friends I have met through MBF too, and it feels good to see them become more sure of themselves, more confident."


MBF Hero

"To me, MBF is community. I have met some of my best friends through MBF and it’s just an incredible support system. MBF, in a word is hope. It shows that there is hope for the future, there's hope for new treatments and new interventions for paediatric brain tumours and hope that, one day things will change and brain tumours in the paediatric population won't be as dire as they are right now.”

Dr. James Rutka

Director of the Brain Tumour Research Centre

"I have been delighted by and in awe of the progress I have seen in this field through the efforts of the MBF team."

Dr. Christian Smith

Research Operations Manager, Rutka Lab

"In research, it’s easy to adopt tunnel vision and focus only on our projects, blind to anything other than experiments. When I heard Denise’s moving speech, I felt inspired to get back in the lab and work even harder. The magnitude of Meagan’s loss and the stories of other patients’ bravery personalized why I felt driven to do my experiments."


mother of MBF Hero Tyler

"We draw strength from all the love we are shown each year while we fundraise and take part in the powerful HUG. IT reminds us that we are not alone."

Helping Hands

As we eagerly look ahead, strategizing for the growth and expansion of Meagan Bebenek Foundation, our commitment remains steadfast in continuing to support children and families through our Family Support Program.


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