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Family Support Program

Community has always been a foundational element of MBF. From the small group of volunteers who first conceptualized our HUG, to the thousands who now join us every year, we have experienced the power of community from the beginning. Our community knows no borders, and as we chart our course for growth, we aspire to embrace and welcome as many individuals as possible into our Circle of Hope. 
To nurture and strengthen our community, we are placing significant emphasis on the expansion of our Family Support Program. At MBF, we believe that true community means standing by one another, especially during challenging times. We have witnessed the profound impact that raising awareness and funds for research has had on the children and families within our MBF community. We are committed to continually raising the bar in the level of support we provide. 

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Hope for Ukrainian Campaign

Joining forces as part of St. Jude's Supporting Action For Emergency Response in Ukraine (SAFER Ukraine), we worked closely with the Ukrainian Canadian Congress and our corporate partners to provide practical support to families fleeing the conflict to continue cancer treatment for their children. With the help of some very generous donors, we raised over $150k to support these families. 

Stay Tuned

As we eagerly look ahead, strategizing for the growth and expansion of Meagan Bebenek Foundation, our commitment remains steadfast in continuing to support children and families affected by paediatric brain tumours.


Stay tuned to learn about our upcoming efforts under this initiative and so much more! 

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