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When Alice was ten months old, her parents discovered she was suddenly unable to hold her head up normally. After being rushed to the hospital, tests ultimately revealed Alice had grade two glioma astrocytoma, the earliest case of this cancer her doctors had seen.

Over the coming months, Alice underwent chemotherapy and other treatments. Alice found the hospital experience very stressful, and she was eventually diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. When she started school, a simple touch from a friend was enough to trigger Alice’s PTSD.

With Alice’s young age and her cancer being relatively slow-growing, doctors placed her on watch and wait protocol. With breaks from treatment and family support, Alice has made great progress in school and is now often able to live a life like other little girls. Alice’s mother Sarah also credits the HUG for being a spark of joy in her daughter’s life. Having previously been so weighed down from her PTSD, Sarah was shocked to see Alice joyfully run into the arms of Princess Ariel at her first Meagan’s HUG.

Today, Alice remains in watch and wait protocol. She enjoys singing, dancing, playing with her sisters, Aviv and Gwen, and meeting new people.

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