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After only a few days of symptoms, 11-year-old Chris was rushed into the ER, hardly conscious. A biopsy showed that he had an inoperable brain tumour. Six months after completing the initial 70-week course of chemotherapy, the tumour was growing again. Chris was then placed on a more intense chemo drug for another 60-weeks.

While in treatment, Chris learned that the seed money used to develop his chemo protocol was provided by Meagan Bebenek Foundation, making him a direct beneficiary of our fundraising efforts.

Chris connected to MBF in 2010 and participated in his first HUG with a team of family and friends. Chris explains, “The event left me in awe as I realized the love and support surrounding me. I vividly remember a reporter asking what MBF means to me. I stood there speechless, and tears began pouring down my face.”

Since his recovery, Chris has achieved numerous notable accomplishments. including earning the Chancellor Scholarship while studying commerce at Queens, as well as becoming an ambassador for MBF.

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