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Meagan Bebenek was weeks from her 5th birthday when she drew a special picture for Mother's Day. Giving it to her mom Denise, she explained how the two people in the picture were mommy and daddy and the object above their heads was Meagan, a little angel who would always be with them. It had been five months since her diagnosis of diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG), a cancerous and inoperable brain tumour.

Meagan passed away quietly on June 17, 2001 with her family at her side. Never once did she complain about her treatments, rather she focused her time making and wrapping presents to give to her caregivers and friends. These gestures were her five-year old way of saying thank you for their love and caring, and perhaps even goodbye.

Meagan's story is one of courage, spirit and hope.

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