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Mia Grace was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour just a few short weeks after celebrating her 1st birthday on June 30, 2015. Following her diagnosis, Mia underwent brain surgery and chemotherapy for 7 months.

As Mia embarked on her treatment, her mother, Amy, found her plans for returning to work after her maternity leave in late August suddenly replaced by a new purpose: supporting her baby girl through this difficult battle. As an educator, Amy had anticipated focusing on lesson plans and creating an inviting classroom environment during this time of the year. However, her priorities shifted entirely, as she dedicated herself to being by Mia's side every step of the way.

Amy vividly recalls the emotional struggle she faced, constantly striving to remain strong and composed for Mia's sake. “MBF funded a medical trial that included less toxic doses of chemo resulting in less side effects. We owe the quality of Mia’s life to this trial,” says Amy.

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