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In the fall of 2002, Tobin, a resilient 2-year-old, was in the midst of treatment for a malignant brain tumour. By the time Tobin turned 3, he had endured surgery, chemotherapy, and 33 stereotactic radiation treatments.

By the summer of 2005, as Tobin prepared to enter grade 1, an MRI revealed that the residual tumour had grown. Another major brain surgery followed, accompanied by a new round of chemotherapy. During the year and a half of chemotherapy, Tobin was homeschooled, ensuring that his educational progress remained uninterrupted despite the challenging circumstances.

In June of 2009, during a routine MRI, the results unveiled significant tumour growth once again. Tobin underwent yet another major brain surgery. That September, on what should have been his first day of grade 5, Tobin had his first day of re-radiation. Despite being frequently ill throughout most of grade 5, he managed to keep up with his schoolwork, and to continue playing baseball, hockey, and curling.

In September 2017, Tobin headed to Calgary to attend the University of Calgary and was coxswain for the Rowing Team.

In June 2021, Tobin was diagnosed with an unrelated cancer called Epithelioid Hemangiothelioma, and underwent open heart surgery to remove a tumour in his heart. Tobin is on daily treatment to manage the remaining tumours that are in other organs.

In June 2022, Tobin graduated with his Bachelor of Nursing from the University of Calgary to pursue his dream of becoming a paediatric nurse.

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